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Quality Tea has become an ingrained part of cultures, and that extends to the workplace. Vahdam Professional has found quality Tea in the office breaks the ‘ice’ when broaching difficult topics.
Have a Tea with us and we can tell you more. We will even supply you a complimentary tea tasting at your workplace. Contact us and we will be in touch

Authentic Tea Flavors for your Guests

Discover nineteen exceptional tea. Each has its own distinct personality and embodies the soul of its origins. Every Vahdam tea is designed to ensure your hotel guests absolute pleasure and enjoyment, and suit all occasions and tastes.
Supply a Sustainable quality is the driving force for vahdam in everything we do.

Decent cup of tea served with your fancy dish.

INTRODUCING OUR RESTAURANT BUSINESS SOLUTION Vahdam tea provides a suitable solution that makes your tea ideally match with the cuisine your restaurant offers. We also understand that neither the speed of making coffee nor the quality itself can be deficient. Therefore, we are here to offer quality tea with one touch. In just a few seconds, your customers can enjoy a tasteful tea of the finest quality.

Authentic Teas Flavors

Specialty Tea Ware


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